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Someone just gave me a 36# recurve bow

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 I had told this guy at the campground that I just bought a compound bow. He told me he had a recurve bow that when he holds it the bottom touches the ground, but said I should be tall enough to use it. He had told me it was 45#. He just stopped over at my site and gave me the thing, it says "Slim Line competition" and "Wing Archery division of head ski company" and 35#. When I have time, I'll have to try to set it up. At least maybe I can get a little experience shooting one of these.

Sounds like a target bow.  Wing Archery was started by Bob Lee & went thru a couple of owners including Head Ski company.  They're decent enough bows & should serve you well for smaller game.

A couple of things to check before you shoot it.  Learn the proper method for bracing your bow.  Ideally you should use a bow stringer, if you can't wait to string it before acquiring one, it can be braced safely using the step thru method.  It's much safer for the bow if you use a stringer though.  There is less chance of you torquing the limbs and perhaps damaging the bow.

Using a Bow Stringer

Step Thru Method

Make sure the string is in good condition & well waxed.  Also, be aware that the string goes on the bow in a certain way, i.e. there is a top loop and a bottom loop.  You'll probably have to string it once to tell which is which.  There should be an arrow nock on your bow string, it'll either be a little brass piece or it could possibly be a tie on knock.  In which case it will be a piece of string, dental floss or related material.  That knock should be slightly above the arrow shelf on the bow when strung correctly.  If it's below or even with the shelf, odds are you have the string on backwards.  That is, if the previous owner new what he was doing.

After the bow is properly braced give the string a few short tugs, do not take it back to full draw yet.  Note where the string is in relation to the end of the bow limbs.  The string should ride right down the center of the limbs, if it does not, make sure your string is seated correctly in the string nocks.  If it still does not center up, odds are you have a twisted limb.  It is possible to have a twisted limb and still have a serviceable bow, so don't fret.

Here's a picture of a trad bow with the parts listed so you know what's what.

While you're tugging on the string listen to the bow.  You want to make sure you don't hear anything that sounds like a crack or a pop.  If you here something like that put a little tension on the limbs.  Be very careful doing this.  Look for something like this...

That little gap between the limb layers is called a delamination.  It's essentially a gap between the layers where the glue is no longer holding.  That's one of my bows BTW, it happened while I was shooting it.  If the bow has a delamination do not shoot it.  It's unsafe & it may or may not be repairable.  The delam can happen between wood or fiberglass layers.

Once you've determined the bow is safe to shoot, get your butt outside & shoot it.  It should feel snappy as the arrow leaves the bow.  Shoot it a few times without reaching full draw just to make sure it's going to hold up okay.

Welcome to trad archery & visit Tradgang/Shooter's Forum to get any questions you could possibly have answered.  If you need help setting the bow up or recommendations feel free to IM me.  I'll help as much as I can.


 Thanks for all that info.

 I have to break my camp this weekend, but I will try to set it up soon. Im not sure what kind of arrows to use ?


--- Quote from: surfivor on October 18, 2008, 09:56:47 AM ---
 Thanks for all that info.

 I have to break my camp this weekend, but I will try to set it up soon. Im not sure what kind of arrows to use ?

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Since your new to archery the simplest thing for you to do would be to use aluminum arrows.  You need to get the correct spine for the bow though which will take a little trial and error.  I'll see if I can dig out my old arrow charts or at least find them on line to give you an idea where to start.  It may be this evening though, I've some errands to run today.

And NEVER dry fire a bow!


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