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Anyone tried these bows from Bowstick Archery?


I was trying to research an old stick bow I bought, and come across this site awhile back. They are currently out of what I was looking at getting, but they seem like a decent deal. Has anyone tried them out? Are they worth a darn?

I have several compound bows, but really like my old recurves a lot better. Should I get one of these and try it?

Wow! Nice site! I like the U-finish it bows...

The tillering is already done & that's the toughest part.  Looks like a fun project, I say go for it. 

Do a finish-along when  you get it.  Then post some pics of shooting it. ;)

Thats what I like about them. Good price, and HOPEFULLY a good bow, for a little bit of elbow. I also like the fact you can buy in bulk and mix and match wieghts/options. Would be nice to have several.

Well gents, I am about to bite the bullet on one of these bows finally. I am planning on a 40# 72" longbow, in the U-Finish category. I might get a 20#left hander for my wife and sis in law as well. They have them discounted down to 50.00 right now for a time.



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