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13 skills in 2014?


Hi everyone. 
I am curious whether the 13 skills will be updated for 2014.  Will we be able to refresh our skills for the new year?  I would like to commence with adding some skills for the new year, yet my goals are cluttered with 2013 skills, both incomplete and  complete.  I would very much like to refresh them with new skills.

Are there plans to allow the previous year to be archived and a new set of goals to be selected for 2014? 

I am sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, if so I would appreciate being pointed in the correct direction.

I did not accomplish the last set in 2013, so onward with them I go with them in 2014.


I just got on to update skill goals list as well and I was wondering the same thing. I'd like to leave the completed ones there and have them not listed under 13 goals... Maybe I should delete the completed ones and just start over with the 2014 goals?

Just wanted to know what was in the plans with the site before I went and deleted the completed ones..


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