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JoshRonin 13 Skills


1. Alternative Energy

* Learn the basics of different forms of Alternative Energy and put some of them to use.
* Build a bio-gas digester and use it to fuel a propane grill.
* Build a small and simple energy battery bank
* Get one 800w inverter that hooks up to the car.
2.  Animal Husbandry

* Learn how to breed for genetic traits in different animals like chickens and rabbits.
* Grow my rabbitry to 3 does producing a liter every 3 months.
* Raise 25 Cornish X.
* Get and raise a pig.
3. Butchering
Learn how to butcher my own chickens and rabbits.

4. Curing/Smoking Meats

* Make my own summer sausage.
* Make my own breakfast sausage.
* Try my hand at perserving meat via smoking it.
5.  Sprouting

* Finalize my micro sprouting system.
* Build a larger system for larger livestock operations.
* Source better seeds for sprouting.
* Expand my sprouting feed ratio.
6.  Entrepreneurship

* Sell 10 micro sprouting systems
7. Writing

* Blog
* Finish my small livestock book.
8  Gardening

* Have a successful garden.
* Make Biochar for the garden.
9.  Permaculture Design

* Buy one of Geoff Lawtons Permaculture design DVD's
* Attend a Permaculture Workshop
10.  Water Catchment/filtering

* Build a water catchment on my chicken coop and rabbit hutch.
* Build a 5 gal water filtration system.
11.  Fitness

* Get in better physical condition.
* Workout twice a week.
12.  Firearms

* Get handgun training
* Get the wife training
* Buy a rifle for deer/hog hunting.
And 13.  Conceal Carry

* My wife and I both want to take our classes for CC.

1. Alternative Energy.

I did buy one of Steve Harris's books, Biogas: Volumes 1 and 2.  Fast easy read.  Just waiting the ability to get some supplies so I can ask the neighbors if I can clean their horse yard, lol. 

2.  Animal Husbandy

I've ordered 35 chickens, 10 layers and 25 cornish X's to be mailed to me by the end of the month.

5. Sprouting.

I tried my hand at sprouting early last summer and found it time consuming, so I started to build an automated unit.  Its small enough to fit in any garage, and is stack-able.  I had the unit running in an non-insulated detached garage with a small heat lamp, but eventually the water did freeze and my pump broke.  I just need to fix it and continue on.

7.  Writing

I started a blog,

8.  Gardening

I have been looking into biochar and just added it to my list.  I should be making a small unit this week.

Any additional work on the sprouting?  We are considering some for our chickens.  I think Jack did a video with three sets of buckets, but I couldn't find it this morning.




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