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My wife and I went to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Expo last weekend. We got to try our hand at shooting some compound bows and really enjoyed it, but having no real prior experience I am not sure where to start learning about it. We aren't really, at this point, interested in hunting.

Any suggestions?

-- Jeremy

Jeremy I'll try to find you some links to compound bow related material.  It may take a day or two though, so bear with me brother.

Cool! Take your time... no real rush.



Hunter's Friend  Looks like a great page to start.  I read quite a bit and it's geared towards the compound shooter & offers recommendations on type & variations of equipment.  This looks like a good place to gather archery information & how & why bows work in general.

Heh, I looked thru my archery bookmarks to see if there was anything in there that I could point you towards for compounds, nothing man, I got nothing.  I'm going to have to do some digging & see if I can find you a forum or two so you can ask some questions.  Ask lots of questions before you buy anything & don't get caught up in the brand war debates.  There are lots of good bows out there that you don't have to go in debt over.

Sister Wolf:
Jeremy!  Hey, have you checked out your local archery shops?  You might be pleasantly surprised at their helpfulness there.  A decent archery shop will have a range as well, and at least one instructor's phone number posted somewhere.  Our local instructor charges $17 an hour (that's, what, 4 cups of coffee, and a tip? not bad!), and that includes a bow rental if you need one.  Check your local areas and see what you come up with!


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