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Having samples tear gas and pepper spray during my training, I'll take tear gas any day over pepper spray. I don't think the combined effect would be any more dramatic. I'm not a brand advocate. Every pepper spray I've ever used has worked well, but the drug addled jack wagons rarely respond quickly to anything less than losing a quart or two of red stuff.

As a retired officer i have trained with and used Pepper spray over the years and recently recertified and had to be exposed to Mace brand Spray and found it to be very effective and would encourage you to purchase a can of mace brand which is in Cleveland Ohio! It is a great product and excellent option to CCW.

I 'carry' a hardwood cane as pepper spray has failed me in the past...even TSA lets it through.


--- Quote from: Dredrum on April 20, 2011, 03:47:24 AM ---any pepper spray is better than no pepper spray..

--- End quote ---

Absolutely!!!  Pepper spray saved my sister in law from being abducted.

Mace brand has a variety of sizes to carry


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