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I've been carrying the Sabre Red with runner hand strap for a little while now. It fits comfortably and inconspicuously in the front pocket of my pants. The runner hand strap makes grabbing it in the proper orientation a breeze, even in a stressful situation.

It has a safety that I'm confident will prevent accidental discharge in my pocket, but is completely intuitive to disengage if you need to deploy the spray. If I were going to put it in a backpack for storage, I might apply a piece of tape for double-precaution.

Sabre is good.

But don't count on spray to end a confrontation, cops train with spray, we did it every year. Take a hit, fight though it, shoot, cuff, defend. Bad guys do it too, they can learn to fight past pepper spray, it's far from perfect.

I use some saber blue that is a fullsized can around the size of a D batery but it works. It has a good guard around the activator. The size is to much but it ironicly works best with loose fitting shorts. I carry it anytime I am armed because it gives me an alternate to deadly force.

I've been carrying the Cold Steel Inferno keyring unit for a couple years, no problems with accidental discharge. I added a little string on the end of it that hangs from my pants pocket just enough to yard it out quick, with a loop that just fits over my wrist if I am going in somewhere I don't completely feel safe, like rest area restrooms at 3 am (I work nights as a truck driver). I just slip it over my wrist, slip the container either up my sleeve or palm it, and head in.

Giff Sheriff:
I have to disagree with the consensus that Saber Red is the best. To my knowledge saber red is OC which will in fact fail in subduing a drug crazed perp. However SABER is a combination of military CS and CN which is a type of teargas. So in essences you have teargas in a can. This works much better at taking down an assailant or perp, in real life situations.

Hopw that helps? Thanks for reading :)


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