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I carry a canister in my vest or jacket whichever is the outermost layer.  They're safetied pretty well so little risk of accidental discharge.  On mine I have to flip up a spring loaded cover to access the "trigger" mechanism.  Sometimes I'll transfer it to my cargo shorts if I'm not wearing a vest.  Definitely a good tool to have. 

I keep it in the same pocket as my car keys (left jacket pocket).  Looks like you are reaching for your keys, if you need it, but keeps my draw hand free in things should escalate.  I have actually used the following product and can say that it works on your adversary, and the blowback is still powerful enough to make you cry, lol!  Do not spray into the wind.......

I also carry the Kimber Pepperblaster.

I've carried it in cargo pants pocket for about 2 years now. No accidental discharges. There is a small plastic piece that prevents the trigger from being pulled, but this piece is easily moved aside with a finger.

It is only 2 shots, but it is chemically propelled, and the form factor is conducive to aiming it.

Anyone tired the Ruger pepper spray that looks like a pager and has a siren and strobe light in it?

I am thinking of this for a girl on a major college campus.  She has a Kimber pepper blaster, but it looks like a gun and she has been hassled before because of this.

I carry the Keychain style Sabre Red on my dogs leash for those late night walks, out here in California though I'm looking at picking up the 2oz of either Sabre or Inferno for EDC.


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