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For a Healthy Heart ?

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I assume you're doing the basics like weight maintenance, reduce sodium intake, limit caffeine and don't smoke. How about lots of whole grains, fresh fruit and vegs and 30 min/day of whatever exercise you like that will raise your heart rate. I take a multi vit, Fish Oil, B-12, and CoQ10.  I had to get off my bp meds because my bp was averaging 87/57-65, and I smoke.  Good luck with the quest.

In addition to watching your diet and exercising you may want to work in some stretching and build your flexibility.  Sometimes we work ourselves to a point where our muscles tense up and never fully relax which puts a stress on your system, causing high blood pressure and other negative physiological changes.

I'm a recovering RSI (repetitive stress injury) sufferer caused by too much time working on the computer.  I got to a point where everything made me upset and irritable and while I never checked my blood pressure I'm sure it was up there.  So I started a regimen of running, light free weights, massages, and some traction at the chiropractor.  My shoulders which were static in a tense position finally relaxed and almost instantly my arms and wrists felt better.  Just had to get the blood flowing down there well again.  I'm much happier now and the stress is gone.


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