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Sugar Addiction

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--- Quote from: LvsChant on August 07, 2010, 07:10:49 PM ---Artificial sweeteners give me a raging headache... so I have to either do the real sugar thing, or no sweetness at all :) I do occasionally test it out, but it was still the same last time I tried a diet soda. Happily, I can do quite well without soda at all, so no great loss. It seems far harder to do without all the homemade sweet things...
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Lvs, two idea for you: Stevia (the actual ground up natural herb, not the refined commercial stuff) and/or miracle fruit. Either one is genuinely natural and except for in cases of an allergy shouldn't cause you a problem. And you can grow them, too!

I used to have a raging sweet tooth as well. I went on a diet that did not include them except for occasionally, and switched to diet pepsi (still not good for me I know). I followed the diet for quite some time, lost a lot of weight. Now, I have days when I crave sugar, you gals will know what I mean, but for the most part, it gives me a stomach ache if I consume too much. I mostly only eat whole grains when I do eat them, but try to stick with meats, fruits and veggies. I find that if I eat too much "stuff" with refined flour or sugar it makes me sick feeling. I would never go no sugar as I do know our bodies need it, in moderation, just like everything else in life.

My Mother was the original healthy eating advocate (probably not really the first) back in the '50s. Soft drinks were rarely in the house, rarely as in she might by a 6 pack of Dr Pepper once a year and since I didn't and still don't like Dr Pepper I never drank any of it. Candy, snack food, junk food etc were never in the house. We all love veggies of almost any sort so we ate lots of them, a salad every night with oil and vinegar or oil and lemon juice dressing. All meats were baked or broiled or boiled, never fried. She did bake a cake or a pie or some brownies occasionally but not all that often. We ate very little bread, not a lot of cheese ( I had never even seen mac and cheese until I moved out, which probably explains why I don't like it), some potatos, usually baked or mashed, with very little butter and the liquid to mash them was usually the water they were cooked in with just a smidge of milk. I never developed a sugar addiction and to this day I get tired of sweets very easily. I never thought I was missing anything so I never felt deprived in any way. Looking back now I'm really really glad I got a good start. Of course then I got out in the real world and discovered most people thought I was nuts and refused to live on that diet and to this day DH and I battle. I feed him a healthy meal and he's immediately looking for junk food for dessert, even with the diabetes.


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