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Natural help for rosacea?


I have been happily reading Herbal First Aid and Health Care and have found it to be really enlightening. As I looked through the various complaints, I didn't find rosacea listed in the book... I realize this is not a life-threatening or survival-type issue, but is annoying to those of us afflicted with it. Plus, I am guessing it is the body's way of telling us that something is not quite in-synch.

Any suggestions?

Rosacea was not addressed in my book because I was trying to focus of first aid type issues.  As a general rule, skin problems can be traced back to the liver.  If the liver is unable to filter and detoxify the blood adequately then toxins will come out through the skin causing irritation and blemishes, rashes or acne.  Rosacea is a bit more complex but I have had success using a tea called ESSIAC.  It is classically used for the treatment of cancers.  This tea does so my gently, but powerfully cleansing the liver.  The nice thing about this tea (I recommend brewing it yourself rather than taking the capsules or tincture) is it is very safe and I even give it to teens with acne issues.

Western Botanicals makes this and it is about 1/4 of the price of the canadian company who owns the name.  The recipe was leaked out about 20 years ago and now many companies make the formula.

Of course, the standard recommendations hold true as well, avoid direct sunlight, etc.

Hope this helps


Headed over to the website :) Thanks very much!

I would also recommend a Niacinamide cream.  There are studies supporting it's use in the treatment of Rosacea (  If you live near a compounding pharmacy they can help you with this.  Maybe Western Botanicals could make it seperate or as part of the cream mentioned above.

Thanks for the info!


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