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Type Two Diabetics

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When we exercise, we increase the overall efficiency of almost every aspect of our lives.  There is something magic about really getting the blood flowing.  Our bodies are designed to move and work.  Much of our culture and society encourages a sedentary lifestyle, so some of us need to go out of our way to really move. 

I am a big advocate of purposeful work being my exercise.  Gardening is perfect, but so is enjoying nature on a walk or run.  For me, exercising on a machine is drudgery - although  the other night one of my sons spent two hours on the eliptical training while watching a movie.  The best exercise is something you enjoy and will keep doing on a long term basis.

If the drug companies could somehow put exercise in a pill, it would so revolutionize the health care industry that it would be illegal not to prescribe it.  Look at it this way,  exercise is just a pill that takes 30 to 45 minutes to swallow.




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