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Due to my trip to Frisco I didn't get to add the Berkey deal today but will tomorrow and the Sun Over folks came through with a code so both are going into the MSB tomorrow.

Now active and available in your membership area,

1.  10% off the top three selling fire pistons from Wilderness Solutions - These are so cool I fist saw one on Survivorman with Les Stroud.  I had to get you guys a deal on this one.

2.  50 Dollars off the purchase of a Global Sun Oven -

3.  Free Berkey Sport Water Bottle - With ANY purchase from the Berkey Guy -

I will be pinging Seeds of Change on Monday to get that one wrapped up.  Lots of other cool stuff in the works.  What would you guys think of a discount on this website, 

I ordered a bunch of stuff and if it checks out I am going to approach them on discounts for MSB.

Now active in the Members Area

Black Belt Magazine - 50% off an annual subscription (saves you 18 dollars) -

High Mowing Organic Seeds - Free shipping on all orders  -

Smith Werder - Free shipping on all orders  -

Discount codes for these offers and all others are in the private area of the MSB.

Seeds of Change is now live and active in the MSB with a 10% discount for all members.  Their website is

ModernSurvival: added to the has been added to the MSB!

Shelf Reliance is one very cool company and as an MSB Member you get 7% off on all purchase.  Shelf Reliance specializes in very cool ways to organize your canned preps with some of the best storage shelves I have ever seen. 

Additionally they are a great source of long term storage foods and other cool items for the modern prepper.  With some of the larger systems a 7% savings can really add up.  The discount code for this new MSB Supporting partner is now in the private area of the MSB.

You can visit their website at

I really hope you enjoy this new benefit.  Shelf Reliance is truly a premium vendor and I am proud of their support of The Survival Podcast and the Members Brigade.


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