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Free stuff? I dont know if I can work that in the budget or not  :P

Hello, I've been listening to TSP for about a year or so now and it's one of the most inspirational and life changing things I've ever stumbled upon. I try to catch every episode but I'm usually a day or two late. I always seem to miss the MSB discount offers for some reason. I'm not on the fence about cost, I'm just forgetful  ;D I wanted to check out all the MSB goodies that come along with supporting the show so I checked and noticed it's not up to date with what I've found here. I know things come and go and discounts can be finite, but there is Waaayyy more here then anyone checking out the link above would know about. Just thought that there could be an update to that page so anyone who links to it would have an up to date idea of what a MSB member would receive. I know the %5 Murs radio discount is only going to be valid until... The next few hours if I remember correctly. (I hope this is the correct spot to post this)

Anyway, love the show and I'll be MSB in the next five days or so.

jump on in,water is fine.
 the information and discounts make it well worth the price,good service also. ;D ;D


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