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Wouldn't Have Happened if it was "Lehman Sisters"


David in MN:
Yup, that's what IMF head Christine Lagarde said.

Interesting that she was blindsided by the crash that both Noriel Roubini and Peter Schiff predicted. And again, it's not some purple haired college idiot. It's the head of the IMF saying I should be disqualified from her industry because I have a Y chromosome (although I have an out as I self identify as an intersex penguin).

It is rather alarming to claim that the failure of the banks was due to the over-representation of men. I wonder if any other group of people is over-represented in banking? And how did that play out last time?

One of the foundational lessons my dad instilled in me is that money doesn't care. A good money manager can be blind, deaf, 3 feet tall, married to 7 guys and 5 ladies and a Juggalo but if the fund performs nobody cares.

If I said a bad fund manager was a "bad fund manager and Polish" I'd rightly be called a racist. Anyone who runs their business into the ground is bad at business, not bad at not being genetically superior. Again, we've played that game before and we all lose.


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