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--- Quote from: David in MN on September 11, 2019, 08:33:48 AM ---Would it change the story of Jefferson if he inherited all his slaves and was too poor to free them under Virginia law?
--- End quote ---
Historical fact is that slavery was the only skilled labor system that existed, there were no labor unions.

We should not forget the number of Europeans that were shipped to this "new land" as indentured servants, slightly above slaves but NOT free, or as prisoners, in those days there was not a lot of difference between prisoners and slaves.  Both of those forms ended with the birth of the US.

The whole narrative is to find a way to split the people of the great melting pot into as many small groups that hate each other as possible.  I am not sure which tin foil hat I am wearing here "Media drumming up hate so people do stupid things" or "divided we can not rise against THEM".  Either way it appears that someone some where wants we the people to be splintered.  If it were about history they would be doing it differently. 

Like everyone else I condemn the practice as a bad time and a black eye on the nation, but we are 2 to 3 generations from the last living slave owner.  I should say legal slave owner.

We as a people of these United states need to find the ability to pull people together and support differences of others to form one strong nation.   (sorry I will get off the soap box and take off the tin foul hat now)

Sure slavery generates wealth.  That's why it exists.  But it generates a limited wealth at the cost of innovation and creativity that eventually generates much more wealth.  It's similar to companies shaving expenses instead of developing something new about their product.


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