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Friday the 13TH tornado,Did I survive?

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  I am not on my normal PC as it appears to have a dead power supply and many other things get my attention for now.

  Just after midnight,during a third wave of thunderstorms (5 PM,9 PM,and midnight) I measured over 90 MPH winds on my wireless local WX station. 3 or 4 tr and router long enough to alert a friend and my parents that mp hour of battery and 120 watts of solar....but to keep the food in the fridge/freezer properly cold is very costly and it was difficult to tie an inverter to my auto as I can't walk unaided and my walker takes two hands...and a backpack. The battery bank ran the fridge over 14 hours as I started when temp was above 10 in the freezer and ran for 4 hours to keep food and insulin proper.I let all else dark and wore a headlight to navigate the dark house till this morning and I got the inverter/auto and cables set up. At idle ,the auto provided 340 watts to run the fridge and charge some of the batteries a bit,the solar helped though only a bit over 6 amps from solar and so I had to charge the 1600 watt battery/inverter that would run about 4 hours during tonight ,if needed. I had the fridge to temp and one battery mostly charged by noon and had to lay down...Power was restored about 1 PM.

  When told my situation,my father just asked if I needed an ice chest? I reminded him he has my generator for the last 4 years and yet know that he has not even started it on occasion and probably hasn't even poured out the ancient gas he killed it with 4 years ago. The auto/inverter trick works just fine for my simple needs and expected help may never arrive. Todays electronic gadgets are so often the first things to fail.

Glad you made it!

  Thanks, with my health,I probably should not live alone as everything is tough when I can't walk un-aided.

Good test of your preps !

-- You kept your insulin cold
-- You didnt do anything crazy that could have risked a fall when on your own in a storm
-- You had sufficient water and food and a working headlamp flashlight

Glad you guys made it thru ok. Since you have insulin, do you have other back-up low power ways to keep it cold ? Steve Harris says an electric plug in ice cube maker uses the least power, and they dont cost much, would insulin keep good in a cooler with ice made from that ? Or an RV 3 way fridge that can run off electric or propane ? Seems that if power was out longer you would need to have been able to move it somewhere else, as it would not be good to have a disabled man in a walker out in a tornado hooking up the car inverter.....

The rest of us who God did not give  practice run to use preps this weekend should take this all as a reminder to try ours out

  I have a USB,very low power,fridge that will keep insulin at or below 40 degrees with a very low power demand for extended situations and I keep about 10 months ahead in rotation...the USB fridge is to chill ONE soda can though works well for my load of insulin.


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