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Making blankets


I would like to up the warm bedding around here, to have more on hand for potential extra guests, and I do gift blankets to others to make make sure they have enough and extras too, so I am thinking about blankets and comforters and am going to be making a few projects. If you have made any, add them here, pictures, techniques.

The first one I am working on is a knitted patchwork blanket. I have cleaned out my yarn area of partial skeins and single skeins that I have no other use for, I also have a small bit from a couple friends. I am doing this one 100% wool. Inspiration is seen at these links: and

This is easy knitting as each piece is just 6x6 inches, so if you presort the yarn and can keep the same gauge for a while, you don't have to think about it. SO far, I have this much, plus at least a few squares each have been done by my daughters. I am on scheduale so far as I aim to have at least 12 a month. Unless I knit on a trip or something, the goal is to have the knitting done within a year as a relaxing thing when watching a show. The blanket should be 12 by 12  grid of 6" squares, so 6 x 6 feet.

I see knitted patchwork blankets a lot, they're a great way to use up yarn leftovers like you said. I don't have the patience for it, but they turn out great. I possibly have a floor loom in my near future (a woman in my knitting club wants to sell one and our new house will actually have room for it next month), not sure if it's large enough to do a blanket but I probably will make one if it is.

There used to be a guy at a local art fair that made bed-size hand woven blankets, they were beautiful and a great price. We bought one and love it and wanted to buy another, but then he wasn't there the next few years. He was out of Oregon, I think I still have his info somewhere.

Morning Sunshine:

I had a lot of scraps from my great-grandmother.  I made 2 granny-square crochet afghans with the scraps.  they turned out very pretty.

Frugal Upstate:
Those are pretty, but the amount of seaming would have me running for the hills. 

Looks nice, MM. I've made smaller knitted blankets for babies, but haven't tried making a larger one. I tend to go more toward quilting for blankets... I will try to post some pix of past projects. I have a huge quilting material stash, but simply have not had time to work on them for the past few years... I'll get back to it, but it may be awhile...


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