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As if we need more weird things to come out of Florida!  :P

Power outage in Puerto Rico.  Puerto Rico just lost its island wide electrical grid due to a fire at a single switch or switching station.  15 fires have been reported due to faulty back-up generators including at one upscale resort.   The article reports that power may be back up this morning, but if I was in Puerto Rico, I would be preparing for an extended outage just in case as the public utility that runs the electrical system in Puerto Rico is bankrupt and the availablility of parts may be questionable.

The State of South Australia has no power following storms combined with network problems.

SA weather: State without power as massive storm hits - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

I am surprised no one has even mentioned Hurricane Matthew yet.  Perhaps the largest ever evacuation in US history.  It is predicted to cause up to $200 Billion damage as it hits as a Major level 4 hurricane and stay at least a 3 into Georgia.  It will just skim the coast from Miami up to Charleston South Carolina.

Moderators, please create a independent thread to refer this to off of this main disaster section.

Mr. Bill:
Hurricane Matthew


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