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hi all! I hope i paced it in the right section.

here is the story.
A friend uncovered an Old Russian sawing machine from his attic.
It is all metal geared so we know it is worth while.

He found it frozen but managed to bring it back to working conditions and relubricated etc.
But he is having 2 issues.
1. the thread gets cut right on the needle line, a bit less with the thicker it is
2. I think the machine is loosing its advance. In a zig zag it woudl occasionally miss a zig and when staring sewing the bottom thread 9from the bobbin) is loose and excessive.

we fiddled with the thread thickness adjustment but i did not see any discernible movement of the tension spring.
I just but it in a half way setting, but it is definetely Not tight compressign the thread
I also noticed that the thread gets loose infront/after the spool, just bfore it breaks.
And the thred always breaks when we use the stitch reversing lever...

And another thing that I have never seen before, the machine has height adjustable feed dogs. And we have no idea how to set them

i just found these

Sounds like there is a problem with the upper thread tension. Are you certain that it's been threaded correctly? Sometimes missing one thread guide is all it takes to create a problem like that. Another possibility is an incorrect or damaged bobbin. I once spent many hours fiddling with a machine that had been sewing perfectly, then began having weird problems. I finally figured out that the brand new bobbin I had put in was bent, causing it to jam in the bobbin case. After putting in a known, good bobbin it went back to sewing perfect stitches.

I do now know...we checked both tensioning and guides...
in the meantime my friend says he fixed it, but  never bothered to ask the details/cause.

thansk for commenting though...


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