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A Wedding Dress in Pictures

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I'm a little bit crazy ::)

I've decided that I'm going to make my wedding dress. I have a new spinning wheel on order from work (which I get to assemble myself), and some fiber on order from my local yarn shop. It is going to be a Polwarth/silk blend 2-ply laceweight, though I prefer chain plied, so I may try to make that work.

I'm thinking it's going to be a combination of two patterns from Ravelry: Evenstar Shawl and Ophelie. You'll see in the pictures for the shawl that one user modified it into a skirt, so that's what I'll try to do and then make the top from the Ophelie pattern. Since it will be so lacy, I'll wear a regular dress underneath it, probably in purple or blue.

I am also making some socks from this pattern (though I bought the yarn for those - I'm not that crazy).

So, this thread is to track my progress. This week at work, I got to cut my wheel on our CNC machine.

All set up on the table

In progress

Done cutting! Ready for pegging and sanding.

The shawl/skirt pattern is gorgeous -- I have heard of women making their own wedding dresses, but starting from the wood and the wool is amazing....

Those two together are going to be gorgeous!

Wow!  Such an undertaking.

Those patterns look wonderful.  I have a high regard for anyone who can knit a project like that, much less spin their own yarn.  I have never had the patience to knit or crochet.


You're getting married in twenty - twenty WHAT? Seriously, though, what a wonderful idea, and what a wonderful heirloom to hand down to your daughters and grand daughters: "My dress was made by my grandmother - she spun the yarn and knitted....."



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