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Taunton Teens Suspended Over Airsoft Homecoming Photo

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I've heard of schools monitoring FB posts of students.

Just because you can, does not mean you should. 

Do I think the punishment = the crime - nope.  Do I think supreme poor judgement was used, by both the school and the kids/family - yep, but you have to remember this happened in Massachusetts.

Wow.  Bug has a tshirt she wears to work out at school says "due to the rising costs of ammo, warning shots will no longer be fired."

On a side note, an outside vendors took her senior photos this year. One for the yearbook and one for the program, we also purchased a package deal that included 5 poses with 3 different outfits. One of the poses we picked was an outdoor scene, she wanted to have her bow in the picture. She has been shooting for 8 years and hunting with it for 5. The photographer told us that it was against school policy. This is an OUTSIDE vendor. NOT a school association, not on school property and I paid for the sittings. SMH. We ended up going to another photographer to get the pictures taken.

clearly a photo taken in a private home and not on school grounds or at a school function. How does the school think they have any business monitoring or interfering with these kids?
I thought their function was to educated our kids, not police them in their own homes.

Oil Lady:
First Amendment all the way. The photo is a First Amendment expression of speech/art.


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