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Has anyone had experience with
I've seen their name thrown around from several different places but rarely any reveiws or responses.
They seem to have amazing prices on solar panels. Low enough to be as cheap as soldering up my own panels from untabbed cells.
For example 25 watt panels for $30 or 15 watt for $18 (shipping not included)
I'm not looking for a whole home system (though they do have panels for that) but just 100-200 watts worth.

BBB showed an "F" rating which definately isn't promising.

never heard of them.

I read a couple of reviews of Solar BLVD when I was researching prices. Several mentioned that the consumer received B-grade panels, factory seconds and lots that included chipped and cracked cells. Ultimately it appeared that the problem was the product description in the online store didn't reflect the actual state of the shipped product. There was also mention that Solar BLVD didn't respond to complaints.

This led me to ebay to price individual tabbed and untabbed cells in various conditions and where I could see seller feedback. It looked as if I could get similar or better pricing there and have a fair and realistic idea of what I was getting for my money.

I wired up one panel myself form untabbed cells from ebay. Building the enclosure isn't too bad but having a finished (and better looking than my first attempt is nice. Wiring all the cells is a long process. At least you know what you have and there is always the benefits that go with DIY projects.
I might give them a chance. Shipping didn't seem too bad either. ($20 for 100 watts worth in either 15 watt or 25 watt panels). Even if you losing 10% of the rated capacity it is still a pretty decent price.

Just got some 235W panels from them after several people I know bought their products with no issues.  No cracks, chips, or other issues that I can see, once I get them wired up Ill let you know how they rate.


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