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I couldn't agree more with Charles.

During Katrina, Wildlife and Fisheries came from all over the state with boats to rescue people. They were stopped by either the State Police or National Guard in Baton Rouge. I see a potential problem being prevented from accessing areas in need. A state agency having trouble with access makes me think it would be more so with a private entity.

Experience from an established agency would be very helpful.

All good ideas, please keep them coming!

This my sound funny but give me a chance  ;) I live in a very small town with only four ways out the main two are off of an unheard of highway that is not top priority to be tended to in the winter however in a get out of dodge situation it would be the first place the folks from our nearest big city would think to go and soon would be packed if it is winter well even us locals really have to think long and hard about heading to "town" the other two well one goes up a nasty pass summit level and the other goes down a very dangerous switchback into the woods all are closed off often in the winter.. so if it hit the fan in towns like mine in the winter i can tell you you wont be able to drive a rig in or a motorcycle or a four wheeler your two options are snow machines, horses or snowshoes and in an ice storm I would be on a horse before i got on a snow machine.. but those might be two things needed for winter season disaster for towns like mine that are not on any FEMA list to be helped in any way..

Even though I hate them, SOP's are vital to any operation. It will take a lot to get them organized in a way they are usefull. Their value lies in the structure they provide. If we were to respond to a certain operation, then we would know what is to be expected and from whom. Then other responders in the group and outside the group responders would know what we are doing, or going to do.

For instance if it is a wind event than Sawyers would respond with a certain number of saws, and others would come in the capacity of swampers(labor.) As each event is encountered we would firm up what would be needed, and what is not needed.

Here in Wisconsin, snow is the biggest mother nature issue. Might good to think of snow storm issues.

4 wheel drive vehicle (so you can get groceries for others)
heat source and blankets, hats, gloves
snow plow or snow blower
hot chocolate....


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