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I have no idea where to post this and pardon any grammar issues. Posted from my phone in parking lot on way home.

I just listened to the intro to episode 1015. Was totally moved. I am in and want to volunteer in any way. I do not have he skills or knowledge to organize the big group but I can organize my local city group. I want this to move forward and show what preppers can do when not slowed down by government. I heard this as a calling to something more and I want to contribute. When attempting to do the same thing with cert and volunteer in my area it was clear that those organizing didn't have a clue.

I want to move on this like yesterday so what are the next steps?

I will work with my local contacts and prepper store and the local TSPer in my area to organize on a local area but let's get this going!!

Did it again Jack, opening my eyes to a bigger picture! You spoke, I heard you and am wanting to contribute!

Any one else?

So jazzed to talk to hubby about this.  With his experience and background this is right up his alley.  I know he will be stoked.  I always wanted to be a part of MERT but couldn't due to home front responsibilities.  Did organize huge events and things for little league,  boyscouts & family services but think this would be out of my experience level for sure. 

When Katrina hit we were hours away from going in to help when family ER popped up and we couldn't go.   This is a great way to help those that need it without worrying if the money or time will be squandered. 

I am just so jazzed.  Once again Jack uses his power for good not evil!! Gotta love that man. 

I am jazzed too. Could you tell? Got my prepper store and three locals rallied and ready to start! All on board and jazzed too.

This goes beyond what government can supply. Real help. For example. Simple things that government aren't concerned with that we all think about. Comfort items for kids. Child care while parents get organized. We don't need to wait for massive trucks o supplies. Get a little going quick until trucks arrive. Simple solutions not complicated ones for simple problems.

Got tons of ideas already.

I hope the idea takes off.

I'd like to see teams popping up all over.

Talked to hubby.  He just said huh cool and raised his eyebrows.  Then not a word.  Yup He is jazzed too!  He went right to silent thinking mode.  No time for excitement.  I could see his wheels turning.  I knew he would love the idea. 


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