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Is it Time to Pull Out of the Market?

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We have decided since we know almost nothing about what our 'retirement' money is invested in (truly) and we are tired of having our government tell us when we can have our money. And despite what all the 'experts' advise about keeping our 401K's in tact (the same people who failed to warn us before we lost $60K in retirement funds years ago) we are pulling out all our money. We are investing in ourselves and hard assets.

I used to joke that 'we will have a wonderful retirement, we just need to get there.' The joke is on me. We need to get there. I would rather pay the penalty for early withdrawal and get my finances straightened out. Given what is going on right now I think the best ROI is to stock up on food, gas, skills, community, etc.

As for the timing, I would prefer to miss the top of the market than to wait too long and pull out mid-crash.

Spent way too much of today reviewing old money board posts like this to remind myself where the collective investment mindset was back in the day.  It's not looking like the group-think aged well.

Since 2009, anybody foolish enough to leave $10,000 in boring old VTSAX is sitting on $41,500 today. 

Moving $10,000 from an IRA to a hole in the ground netted maybe $6000, if you're lucky.

David in MN:
There was this one weirdo who basically called the top in GE and Bitcoin and posted about mirroring a Vanguard portfolio to avoid the load and get all the dividends. Rumor has it he's done quite well shorting GE and investing in South American mining concerns.

Money is a toxic topic. I have my money friends who can have adult conversations but around here... nope. Too toxic. So I shrug and assume all of you are running Fourier Analysis and Ordinary Differential Equations on the stock market and reading the quarterly prospectus of every company in the DJIA.

Everything I say about money is a farcical opinion without any predictive modeling software and intense knowledge of company corporate structure and press releases.

It's not unique to forums. I get treated like shit in my own family because I know the CEO, CFO, operating profit, margin, same store sales, COGS, and on and on. I've come to realize there's me, Larry Kudlow, and Maria Bartiromo and we make the rest of the world feel real dumb.

It's what it is and why I don't talk about it here.


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