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Japan - Earthquake and Tsunami

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and as i was going thru the photo slides with my 7 yr old son, i paused on the pic of empty store shelves and said 'thats why i store food'. He says 'good call' :egyptian:


--- Quote from: Nicodemus on March 11, 2011, 08:33:46 AM ---It will be important to see what unfolds after the initial effects of the disaster and as time goes on we'll be able to gather some good information.

I disagree with this assessment. The possibility of panic is definitely a concern, but the long term effects of radiation exposure on a large population that wasn't evacuated or told the truth would be far more of a strain on resources and the government. If the general populace hurts one another in the wake of a disaster, blame can be placed on the shoulders of that population. Some blame will be placed on the government no matter what, but they don't want to deal with something as blatant as a coverup regarding radiation leaks. They also know that it would not be easy to cover such a thing up. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is also involved at the moment.

Regarding the time to Bug Out, in this particular situation, the time would be in the few moments after the earthquake and the tsunami warning went out. Most of us here would already have BOBs and BOVs ready to go so hopefully it would be possible to get ahead of most of the panic.

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They were told to evacaute (nearby areas), but are also being told that everything is all well.  Which, is probably true.

When people are in the situation room, and group-think becomes pervasive, a lot of bad decisions are likely to be made.  The government can be counted on warning us of the danger AFTER it's already present.


--- Quote from: humanlaunchpad on March 11, 2011, 08:58:05 AM ---on a side note, i did see some oil tanks on fire there so they'll probably raise gas prices here.  ::)

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There's an entire refinery that looks like it's going to be a total loss.  Given the limited surplus capacity for refining globally right now, the lack of light, sweet crude coming out of Libya (the easiest/cheapest to refine), and the general panicky nature of the markets lately, I'm sure this will be used as yet another reason for gas prices to rise... whether it's warranted or not.

Being in KY this always scares me a little. We have a BIG fault, New Meridian, and if it ever goes, its going to suck ass I believe.

Now CNN is talking about another separate earthquake that hit the Nagano area apparently unrelated to the 8.9 quake.  This is getting very weird quickly...


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