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Japan - Earthquake and Tsunami

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Saw the news this morning,reminding me when I was in japan in the 60s. People were great.They loved our dollar and would work hard for it. today I checked on my rabbits fed my goats and worked in my garden. I do what I got to do.

There was also a significant (although not nearly as serious) earthquake in China today (5.8 with 3,600 homes destroyed).

Interesting times, indeed.  While I think it's a good time to convert some grasshoppers, I also think it's time to be the voice of reason and calm.  At this point it's not the end of the world and while there are a lot of frightening events going on in the world today, it's not time to panic.  I'm quoting an e-mail from a coworker's husband, not to make a fool of him, but to emphisize the fact that folks are seriously scared right now and fueling that panic is not constructive.


Is "slightly radioactive" like a little pregnant?


--- Quote from: Laz on March 11, 2011, 02:11:23 PM ---,0,4328840.story

Is "slightly radioactive" like a little pregnant?

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That was my exact thought. I wonder if that's the only nuke plant in Northern Japan?

There are over 50 nuclear power plants in Japan so I'm sure there are a few in the affected area.


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