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I don't know if many people are aware of the promotion at  Essentially, (microsoft) is running a promotion that offers 30% cash back from certain eBay buy-it-now auctions.

In a nutshell, you go to and search for whatever you want to buy.  Keep doing this until you get a return that says 30% cashback from eBay and click on that.

You will then be linked into eBay and see a banner near the top of the screen showing the 30% deal.  If you don't, you may need to log out of eBay, clear your cache and history and repeat the process.  (it wouldn't show up for me until I was completely logged out with nothing stored in the cache).

Then, simply search for buy-it-now auctions (normal auctions don't apply, nor do auctions that don't use eBay checkout).  There are some restrictions like cars and other stuff.

When you click on an aution to buy it, make sure the logo appears every step of the way.   When you have paid for the item, you will get a message in your eBay account to click on and redeem your reward.  You will need to create a account.  The money will show up in your account in a day and there is a 60 day hold to make sure you don't return the item.

They will then send you a check or deposit into Paypal.  The reward is available for up to six separate auctions and is limited to $200 cashback per auction.

So far, I have used it once and am in the 60 day waiting period.  I have read many other boards where people have had no problem getting their money provided they carefully follow the rules.

Getting 40% off is a pretty huge deal, you can easily buy gold and silver below spot or other items you need to stock up on.

Hope this helps.

Edit:  Now that I typed all the above, I found the following site at that explains it much more coherently than I probably did.

Stein: has a 25% promotion going on right now.  I picked up another month supply of baby formula and saved $64.

I know many people use it for gold or silver if that is your thing.


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