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Thanks, and as a final update, the next load of dishes came out just as clean as the last so I'll be using the homemade detergent from now on, along with the TSP, and can put these science experiments to rest. I may provide one more update in the future though when I finally run out of all the LemiShine I bought and pick up citric acid to try in its place.

But because I've been so focused on this dish detergent issue I have explored many of the other cleaning agents so on to bigger and better (and cleaner!)  things!


excellent thanks for the update! time to go get some supplies!


On my skills list. Already making own toothpaste, deodorant, this is next. Watching for updates.

I figured it would be only right to let y'all know I've been backsliding and have returned to store-bought detergents. It was not actually my doing, but my wife's as she has been leery of all my behind-the-scenes machinations of homemade detergents. The thing is, while not as environmentally friendly, the glasses and plates are even cleaner than what I was able to achieve myself, and I was pretty happy with how things were turning out.

In the end, she switched detergent from Cascade (which was recommended by the dishwasher manufacturer) to a fairly cheap brand found in Walmart called Sun. The secret to the cleanliness achieved, however, is the rinse cycle. Our dishwasher has a "Rinse Only" cycle and after loading the machine she ran it once using that cycle. She then did a "Normal Wash" cycle and then when that was completed, a "Rinse Only" cycle again. We also have the option of "Added Heat" during drying, but we don't use that as I think it may bake on whatever film there might be. As I said, this procedure -- admittedly more wasteful and energy inefficient -- has the dishes and glasses literally sparkling (we've also substituted vinegar in the cycle for Jet Dry; it does create a slight odor but it dissipates over time). I hate to have to admit it -- particularly because of her smug, self-satisfied look every time a load comes out LOL -- but her procedure did make the glasses and plates look and feel even cleaner.

Of course, I can't keep well enough alone, so I did try to use the homemade detergent with the process but the dishes really didn't look as good and didn't have that same sparkle as my wife's procedure. Worse, since I did it surreptitiously but my wife was the one who emptied the dishwasher when the cycles were done, I caught an earful as it really was immediately apparent that I hadn't followed her procedure. However, at the time I hadn't know about the second Rinse Only cycle, only doing it beforehand, so I may have to try it again doing it afterwards as well. I'll just make sure I'm there to unload the dishwasher when it's complete!

Also, since I'm not keen on wasting so much water, I plan on trying to use the Rinse Only cycle after the Normal Wash cycle is complete.

Who'd have ever thought trying to get clean dishes would become such an obsession?


Interesting information, Rich. Once I have an actual kitchen again (complete with dishwasher), I'll have to try these extra rinse cycles.


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