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NEW (Returning) PRODUCT: Kaito KA1102 AM/FM/Shortwave Receiver w/SSB IN STOCK!

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Kaito KA1102 AM/FM/Shortwave Receiver w/SSB - $64 plus shipping

These are terrific portable receivers and sound great. They get very good reviews (see website above for links) and are easy to carry around the yard, small enough for the bug out bag, and can fit in an ammo can if you are worried about EMP. Includes rechargeable NiMH batteries, has auto shut off, BFO for single side band reception of amateur radio transmissions, and more.

Allows you to hear news sources from inside and outside of the US, listen to the GCN network on WWCR shortwave transmitters [pdf], ham radio HF nets during disasters, etc.

Be warned... This radio sounds good enough on FM that spouses have been known to appropriate them for their own use. (Ask me how I know. Buy 2 just in case)  ;D

- Rob

This small radio has impressive performance.  I bought one about 3 or 4 years ago, and was amazed at being able to tune in to the Saturday afternoon 40-meter SSB amateur radio swap net and hear stations hundreds of miles away on just a small reel-type portable external antenna (it does have a jack for an external antenna).  Good choice, MURS-Radio.  Maybe I'll buy a second unit for the office.

These are great performers for the price, I have one at home, one in BOV, and one at BOL as backup for the icom. Play around with antenna types on base locations. Depending upon location, topography, and targeted band, switching from dipole to l-wire or vice versa can make a big difference. Even just a simple long run wire can boost signal strength, and you can exeriment with the direction.

Expected delivery for these radios is December 10th. I am taking pre-orders on them so that you can reserve them from this shipment. If you order before December 17th I can get them shipped so that they arrive before Christmas.

As a special deal to anyone who reads about them here, if you <a href=" Reduced Shipping on Kaito KA1102B">email me directly[/url] I can save you a few dollars on shipping by sending you an invoice rather than through the website shopping cart. I can ship up to two radios for $9.85 via US Priority Mail. (Offer only applies to the Kaito KA1102B.)

Kaito KA1102B - $64 plus shipping:

- Rob

Not a bad radio at all for an excellent price!


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