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.22 long rifle conversion for AR-15?

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Heavy G:
I'm thinking about getting a .22lr conversion kit for my AR-15 to save on ammo costs.

Anybody have any thoughts?  I have a Bushmaster A2.


I looked into it myself, but the reviews on the conversion kits tend to be more good than negative.  However, I cannot justify the cost with the negatives out there.  I was at Walmart today looking around at their .22 selection and they have the Marlin Model 60 for $147!  I am thinking about going that route myself.

Now, if you are looking at it from a training standpoint for the AR, my answer above doesn't hold as much weight. 

I have also looked into this for a while now. You can beat the spike's kit for $199. Great company and way better then the Ciener (SP?) kit.

AGI warns: when shooting .22lr rounds via a conversion kit through your AR-15 rifle that after every 150-200 rounds to fire 3-5 rounds of .223rem to get the lead fouling out of the gas tube.

I own the armorer's dvd and remember that part because I was thinking of a conversion once.

I would just go with a .22lr rifle instead.

I have used the Ceiner kit.  Both semi-auto and full-auto.  It works, most of the time.  The key is finding ammo that they like.  Nothing will function 100%.  I do not own one myself, but know someone who owns two, one for his semi and one for his full-auto, so that is where I have tried them both.  I have had a few jams, mostly with the semi-auto.  The worst thing I had was a round go off out of battery.  The round somehow feed sideways in front of the bolt, luckily with the bullet facing out.  When the bolt slammed forward, it struck the rear side of the .22 casing to detonate it.  I kept the casing for a while in my pocket.  I am sure it is probably rolling around in my shop somewhere.  If I decide I absolutely have to train with a .22 AR, i will buy a dedicated .22, such as the Spike's Tactical.  It will be built as a dedicated rifle as well, own lower and all.  For now, I will stick with my 10/22 when I want to shoot semi-auto.


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