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Patriot:Ex Machina:
I know we have some UK members here.
Let's hear from you!

JetstreamJonny is here!
I'm in Suffolk - any other UK survivors out there or will I have the entire British Isles to myself when TSHTF!?
Cheers - Jon

Hi Jon,

I'm from wiltshire what do you think of the podcast?


Hi Mac, I've been listening for a couple of months and have now caught up with all the back issues of the podcast. I listen generally while I'm driving to work and it's like having a mate sitting in the passenger seat ranting while you just listen and Mmmmm & Aaaah every now and then!!
To answer your question I love the show, it confirms and clarifies a lot of what I've been thinking anyway and has helped to focus my thoughts and spurred me into some actual action. I have stopped thinking about it and started doing something. Although the podcast is naturally Amerocentric (is that real word? It is now) pretty much everything Jack talks about also applies here and I think an increasing number of people are thinking the same way - I looked at getting a wood burning stove this weekend and a large number of suppliers have sold out completely!
I think that people just intuitively know, even if they don't know why, that it's time to start thinking differently.
I've also started to think about various scenarios, have you noticed that all the big supermarkets have a "just in time" delivery policy? In my local Tesco they start to run out of basics like rice, pasta, bread, milk etc by about 7pm. If something disrupted the supply chain, weather, fuel shortage, martial law, the shops would run out of food within 2 days. I hadn't really given that sort of thing any thought before.
Time to stop, I'm starting to sound like Jack.
Nice to hear from you.

Hi Jon,

I've only been listening for a couple of weeks. I like his more simple approaches to things, for example the idea of having a months supply of food, old stuff at the front new stuff at the back and keep cycling it.
I did see last week on BBC news 24 that the sales of wood burners have gone up by 70% it's got to be the way to go, it's not just sustainable but also sitting in front of a fire is very therapeutic, primal.
I grow a lot of my own veg in my garden and and worry that one day if things go wrong a bunch of chavs will just take it all! and I don't know how i'd deal with that.
My friend had all his pumpkins stolen from his allotment this week.



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