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Cast loads in my 30-06

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Recently picked up a Rem. 770 bolt gun in 30-06 and loaded up some test loads for it last week. I was using mixed brass by Win. Rem. and Fed. along with CCI LR primers and I use three different powders Alliant 2400, H-4198 and Unique. The two bullets I used were the Lee 170 gr. FP and the Lee 160 gr. TL RN both powder coated, gas checked and sized to .311". Targets were shot at 50 yds. as that is as far as I can shoot around here in the back yard range without making a day trip to the public range. All load data came from the Lyman Cast Bullet manual #4, below are the group but none were much larger than 1.5" and some under 1". We had some issues with the Chrono not reading probably due to overcast skies on some loads but I will be retesting those loads for data at some point as will as some additional powders I have and maybe even a primer change on a couple loads to see if that improves things. I haven't been behind the trigger since last Nov. after having surgery and weather not cooperating on my days off so I'm a bit rusty.

Target #1
Low: 1698
High: 1715
Average: 1709
Spread: 16.8
SD: 6.78

Target #2
Low: 1731
High: 1761
Average: 1747
Spread: 29.99
SD: 11.61

Target #3
Low: 1950
High: 1981
Average: 1966
Spread: 31.30
SD 11.22

Target #4
Low: 1971
High: 2015
Average: 1989
Spread: 44.64
SD: 16.50

Target #5
No Data but shoots great, will load and shoot again.

Target #6
No Data

Target #7
No Data

Target #8
Low: 2277
High: 2309
Average: 2292
Spread: 31.71
SD: 15.39

Target #9
Low: 1635
High: 1701
Average: 1650
Spread 65.70
SD: 26.57

Target #10
Low: 1665
High: 1709
Average: 1686
Spread: 44.46
SD: 17.49

For data on #5 what does the Lyman book say?


--- Quote from: armymars on May 12, 2019, 02:29:34 PM ---For data on #5 what does the Lyman book say?

--- End quote ---

Well that load is 2.0 grs. above the starting charge of 25.0 grs.  so I would divide 27.0 into the Max. charge weight of 38.5 which equals 0.70129870.  then I multiply that number by the listed MV of the Max. charge weight in the manual and I get 1727 fps. As a formula it looks like this  27.0 / 38.5 =  0.70129870 x 2463 = 1727 fps.

Of course my barrel is 2" shorter that the barrel length of the test barrel used in the manual and my bullet dia. is .002" larger so we will have to see how it washes out.  I do plan to size some of the bullets down to .309" as well as see if anything changes.

I got around last week to sizing some of the Lee 170 gr. FP bullets down to .309"  to see if an identical load shot any differently accuracy and velocity wise, honestly there was no noticeable difference.

Cast up about 150 of the NOE 165 gr. 30 XCB bullets from the new mold I purchased over the 4th of July sales NEO had. I only had a limited time to work with them so I just coated about ten each using Super Durable Clear and Popping Silver Vein gas checked and sized them to see how they would turn out. I cast a random set of samples during the casting process and after they cooled I measure and weighed each set. The bullets across the sampling weighed between 167.0 and 167.3 grs. Two bullets from the mold using my micrometer measured .311" while the third bullet measured .311.5" The powder coating added around .002" to the diameter before sizing.

I sized these bullets to .311" and will do a test fit later in the week to see how well they chamber at that dia. if all goes well I'll load up a batch of test rds. to see how fat I can push this bullet, hopefully by the end of the day I will be at my target velocity of around 2500 fps. while still obtaining excellent accuracy.

Finally, got around to doing some test with the 170 gr. 30 XCB bullet gas checked, powder coated and sized to .309" in the 06.  I've found the load I plan on using 35.0 grs. of H-4198 and have loaded up enough to last me awhile.  Average MV for 5 shots was 2279 fps.


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