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RonH2K's Ruger 10/22 Build.

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  WAY too much money put into a .22 rifle, but it's a hell of a lot of fun to shoot.  And... ...I have to say that almost all of the upgrades really have done something to improve the fit and function of the gun.  The only thing that didn't provide any real functional purpose (that I can tell) is the muzzle brake.  It is supposed to control muzzle climb, but on a .22, I'm guessing that's almost imperceptible.
  My two favorite upgrades are the adjustable stock and the bolt recoil buffer.

  The picture below is low-resolution.  Click on the picture, if you dare, to see a higher-resolution version.

Good work Ron.

How accurate is it with the mods?

Have only had it out to 50 yards.  At 50 yards it is one of the most accurate I've ever had.  The bolt recoil buffer really tightened up my pattern to three shot groupings almost always touching.  Can't wait to zero it at 100 yards.

I like the basic 10/22, but have never been able to leave one that way, mainly because so many accessories exist and I can be a "gear queer" when it comes to tricking out guns. The last .22 I purchased was a Mossberg 702 Plinkster, there are few if any mods available out there for it. Still, I did add a scope and sling.

That is a good looking 10/22.

Looks good! My kid would flip out for it. I never could group very well at 88 yards, nevermind 100. Good luck! Let us know how it goes.


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