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The most realistic SHTF Senerio I've ever seen! must see for city dewlers.

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Protector: terrifying to think about. Not having any backup or fortifications

Protector: American version! Although not as good as the British version. Opsec and fortifications are key


Alan Georges:

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^^^what Cedar said!  Will watch over the weekend.  Thanks for posting, Protector.

David in MN:
I actually fear losing power quite a bit. If we have a broken stoplight it virtually shuts down major roads. We lack the mental capacity to tell whether US-169 or 109 street has the right of way without a machine telling us the answer. If you live in the burbs and the grid goes down you just aren't getting home. Your fellow citizens will park at every broken light and look at each other for hours.

The major divided highway we live off of had 2 stoplights between the freeway exit and our subdivision when we moved in. Now it has 6. Apple, Google, and Ways will all advise going the long way around and U-turning to avoid this road. If the grid goes down it will take hours to go the 3 miles.

I'm not all that scared of a blackout. I lived through a 9? day blackout outside of Milwaukee as a teenager and we were fine. But we were in a small town with 1 stoplight and no electric transport. So people just did their thing. Cold showers aren't fun but you get by.

The complete lack of transportation is what gets me.


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