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Moving to NH this year or next. First real vacation in awhile thought I'd head that way to have a visit. Going to spend a few days looking for work/somewhere to live. Rest of the week just traveling around to different places. Few picked out already, Funspot, drive up to the Maine coastline, Red Sox/Yankees game on the Tuesday I get there. Wondering what I can't miss while I'm there.

If you get near Freeport, Maine, LL Bean is a great place to visit.

Jeff NH:
Somewhat depends on when you come. There is always

There is an indoor skydiving place in Nashua (SkyVentures)

There is lots of great hiking

Always worth checking out

Yea, I couldn't work out vacation time in June for porcfest. I'll defiantly be going next year : D LL Bean is a great idea, I should be able to make it.

If you go up the coast far enough, Acadia is gorgeous.

If you have kids and get to Bar Harbor, check out Lulu Lobster boat.  It was educational and interesting.  My kids liked it.


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