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I Make My Jungle Juice - Steven Harris Kit


I have been making hard cider for about five years now with good results.  So when Steven Harris sent out notice about his "Jungle Juice" kit ( it seemed a good opportunity to add another type of homebrew to the mix.  After working with it awhile I have a quick tip for anyone interested in it.

The kit allows you to make about 6 gallons at a time and includes all the needed elements save one, a receptacle for transferring the wash during filtering.  The instructions suggest using a 5 gallon bucket which is too small with a full batch.  I have found that a blitz 6.5 gallon water is a much better option.  It is exactly the proper height for holding the funnel while the fermenter is on a standard height counter.  Here are some quick pictures:

Once it has been transferred it is easy to mix in the potassium sorbate and flavoring by 'swirling' the container.  It is also a convenient temporary storage if you don't want to use water bottles.

So basically you ferment a bunch of sugar and add raspberry flavoring?  How's it taste?

Yep.  Just like hard cider but instead of juice you use suger water.

It tastes pretty good, best on ice.  Took me back 25 years to the time when Purple Passion was a big thing.   ;D


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