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--- Quote from: DDJ on October 04, 2016, 10:31:14 AM ---Carl

No I do not find the micrometer adjustable more consistent but when the table is off, and I have never found it exactly correct, I do not need 5 minutes a screw driver and a funnel to remove the disk and replace.  Actually I only used the disk(s) for my first 2 loads and after an hour of "dialing in the correct powder weight" I ordered the adjustable one.  All it does is allow you to dial in the adjustment.  you turn a screw knob on the measure throw 2 or 3 throws and then measure the new powder drop.  For those who do not know the Auto Disk requires you to empty the powder measure, remove 2 screws form the plastic powder hopper pull out the disk rotate it to the next larger or smaller hole then reinstall it.  I did not like the thought of removing screws from the plastic hopper time and time again to rotate the disk as I changed loads.  I knew I was going to be running 3 different loads at a minimum (9mm, .45 and .223) so I decided on the upgrade very early.

The other "upgrade" I did not think of yesterday is the Auto Prime.  This saves a lot of hassle.  It does feel weak and cheep but it works better than dropping primers into the little cup one at a time.

To Never_retreat's comments on the other items that are needed. a BIG +1 not to scare you off but much of that is in a Kit and or Die set.
I would add to that a good book likely 3.  I would recommend reading ABCs of reloading before you make a purchase.

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The LEE hand priming tool with it's flip tray and THUMB priming is EXCELLENT for loading and I like the RCBS POWDER UNIFLOW MEASURE on the LEE TURRET or what ever LEE single stage press or the bomb proof RCBS ROCK CHUCKER.

Dillon uses special dies and many other dies will not work so good or adjust for the Dillon DIMENSIONS. A powder scale ,balance or digital will complete a quality loading set
that will last you a long,long time (the turret press...I would use,but suggest a parts kit if it is your only press.

Smurf Hunter:
True story:

I inherited an old top break Iver Johnson .32s&w (short) revolver.  It's from the late 1890s.
I got the itch to test fire it, but ammunition + shipping was outrageous.

It was cheaper for me to order the Lee bullet mold + Lee die set than the total cost to ship a single box of ammo.

This also allowed me to load extremely LIGHT loads of < 2gr IMR Trail Boss for safety sake.

a friend gave me a rcbs rs-3 press and some assorted dies for it. time to learn

Smurf Hunter:

--- Quote from: archer on January 04, 2017, 08:51:33 AM ---a friend gave me a rcbs rs-3 press and some assorted dies for it. time to learn

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I'm a fan of reloading manuals.  This edition just came out, and I got it for Christmas, even though I had the previous edition

It discusses the general process, difference from pistol and rifle, and pretty much everything you need to know.

sweet. thanks. i also got several older manuals i need to look into.


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