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Anyone brew a sour?


In the past year or so, I've really gotten into sour beers.  My favorite is gose, followed by Flanders Red.

I'm just checking to see if anyone has been able to successfully brew a decent sour.  I'm just now in the research phase and don't plan on brewing quite yet. 

David in MN:
I'm a big fan of Rodenbach Grand Cru. But if you do your homework you'll find that the beer is aged excessively long in oak vats at the brewery. It's a logistic nightmare to begin to build a model and at a year of aging you might not get many tries to iron it out before you're in the retirement home. As such I've never thought to give it a try.

I've done Gose (the German salted beer rather than Geuze the Belgian soured beer) and it's not that hard. You can find clones everywhere. Leipziger Gose has a ton of underground fans in homebrewing circles. You might let the wheat "sour" or use a Brett strain to sour but either way it's a little easier to do a Gose or Berliner Weisse than the Belgian aged stuff. If you're interested, it's an easier starting point.

I know I'm not going to do a blended sour.  I'm also not equipped to do a long age in barrels.

However a gose is an easier style to duplicate.  Also seems to be the reason that so many breweries are starting with a gose as their first style.


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