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what is the optimum barrel length for a 22LR?

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Matthew from Gooseneck Ga:
Thanks y'all.  Good info on that link Carl

As far as the optimal barrel length goes:
Most Ruger 10/22 have a 18.5" barrel. (The current models do range from 16.12" to 20")
The Marlin Model 60 has a 19" barrel.
The Henry Classic Lever has a 18.25" barrel. The Henry Golden boy has a 20" barrel.

So, it must be about 16.12"-20".  ;)


Very little is gained, velocity-wise, above a 16 inch barrel.  Longer barrels may be a bit more accurate with iron sights, as you'll have a longer sighting plane, but you won't get much more oomph out of anything past 16 inches.

Looking at that chart, you really don't see a lot of improvement past 12 inches or so with most ammunition, but then you're in SBR territory, and it doesn't really seem worth the hassle and tax stamp to have a rimfire SBR.

I like bolt guns with 18-20 inch barrels and semi auto's with 16-18... keeps the packages around the same length. I do have a remington bolt 22 with a 20 inch barrel on it (I think) and that is so quiet and fun to shoot, I can plink away in the front yard and not even bother the wife or sleeping kids.

my Savage MkII FV-SR is exceptionally accurate - 16.5" barrel

my custom built 10/22 has excellent accuracy - 16.5" barrel

I can't image needed anything longer


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