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Hello from Wyoming

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I'm from Sheridan area

Raised in Sheridan, now we live in Riverton.

Yea! Thanks for starting the Wyoming connection!  My husband and I are Glendo area.  I was the recent call-in gal mentioned!  :)  i was pretty stoked that my call got on the show!

Glad to hear from everyone.  Who has a garden started and what do you have planted.  We have a variety of berries, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, etc.  I would be interested in hearing what varieties you have planted and how they are doing.  I am going to start a new topic under gardening.  Hope to hear from everyone. 

We've got a 30x40 ft fenced-in garden in and I'm SO excited about it!  It's our first garden in 7 years!  We're doing pretty much the usual stuff, things we like to eat.  We tried a patch of hulless oats, can't wait to see how that turns out!  I did some 'companion planting' so it will be fun to see what really works.  Also trying some of the things Jack mentioned on podcast #192 regarding pest control. 

We purchased a couple grape vines - can't wait to see how those develop this first year . . .

Most everything our garden seemed to germinate pretty quick, but then this cold/wet spell set in. The moisture is great, but I think the cold is really slowing down growth.  It's supposed to warm up by the weekend . . .


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