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Price of .22's

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     Just another quick report of the lunacy. I was at a large flea market and noticed a guy taking a picture of a box of .22's. Not a brick, just a box of 50. It was marked $15.00. I mentioned that seemed pretty crazy to me. He agreed and we had a nice discussion. I give up trying to figure it out.

Here in CZ they still cost ~$3 for a 50 box.

I have not seen any 22 ammunition in the stores for several years. I have noticed a lot of people trying to sell it at absurd prices as well, but I don't know if they are actually getting what they are asking. If they do I think I would sell my personal stockpile. I wouldn't mind that kind of money.

Bought a couple of boxes of American Eagle at Bass Pro (Limited Supply) for 2.39 a box. Hornady 22 Mag about $14.

To date, the most I have ever paid for .22 LR is $16.98 for a box of 100 CCI mini-mag. This over twice what I bought it for pre-shortage.

It was the first I has seen in quite a while, so I bought them out. I haven't seen any since.


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