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Ruger 22LR?

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Tactical Badger:

--- Quote from: Tactical Badger on February 02, 2009, 04:34:42 AM ---Keep your eyes peeling in the Clearance section at your local Walmart.  I found factory 10 rounders for $12 there.  Haven't seen them there since.  But, I keep looking.

Just stay away from anything that says Ramline on it.  I've had very good luck with Butler Creek 25 rounders myself.

--- End quote ---

Peeleed...PEELED!  No more posting at 6:30am.

Not that I've ever had problems with the factory 10 round mags...but, does anyone else make a 10 round 10/22 mag?  Just curious.  Sometimes I don't need that big banana clip hanging down under the gun.

Midway has the Ruger 10-rd mags on sale right now for $10.99 -

Other mags are at***687***11341***8904***.  Avoid ProMag.

Thank you very much guys.  I searched the internet for a manual on this weapon and can't seem to find one.  Anyone know of one?  I know I am a pain in the ass.  ;D

Tactical Badger:
Good stuff here...



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