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Ruger 22LR?

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My buddy just gave me an old Rugar 22LR without the magazine.  It needs some work refinishing the stock due to all of the scratches on it, but that is no problem.  I am in the process of striping it down as we I type.  My question is, anyone know of a good/cheap place to buy a couple of magazines for this rifle? I know a pair of 10 rounders are going for $27.99 on the Cabelas website, which is way too much.

I like Butler Creek they are $20 at Bi mart.

Tactical Badger:
Keep your eyes peeling in the Clearance section at your local Walmart.  I found factory 10 rounders for $12 there.  Haven't seen them there since.  But, I keep looking.

Just stay away from anything that says Ramline on it.  I've had very good luck with Butler Creek 25 rounders myself.

Heavy G:
There is a cool adjustable 25 round 10/22 magazine from Tactical Innovations called the TI25.  You can adjust the feed angle and other tolerances to fit your specific 10/22  You can also open it up to clean it--unlike plastic molded ones, including factory mags.  Mine works supremely well.  If I were stuck on an island and had to rely on just one 10/22 magazine for years, it would be a TI25.

A year ago mine was $35 or something.  Now they're backordered 6-8 weeks (which is really 8-10 weeks in mail-order speak) and $49.99:

A run on high capacity magazines after the election of a socialist.  Whodathunkit?




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