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cross bows disasemble easily ?

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For anyone who has one, how well made are they? Will they last years of use? I've seen them at time. My brother bought one out of curiosity, but he's hardly ever used it.

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I just bought mine about a month ago and haven't used it that much.  It seems fairly durable, but I would purchase a back up string just in case.  I will post more once I use it more.  However, I wouldn't go out and get one of the $250 ones.   I think it will only hold up about as well as a cheap one, maybe less if it has a true scope, but will add much more weight.   Like I said they are fun, and I would take it small game hunting, but I still love my guns. 

I just finished some more testing.  It didn't go too well.  The crossbow basically fell apart in my hands.  This may have partly been my fault.  I didn't have the bow tightened down enough with the allen wrench.  It worked for a while until the bow fell off.  Then the screws at the handle started to come loose.  Maybe they were already loose, but these were factory screws.  Finally, the bow tips came off and the string followed.  I am not giving up though, even though I lost my bow tips. grrrrrr    I ordered more tips at the following pretty cheap, although shipping sucks.  Next time, I am going to tighten every screw ( even factory ones) and put super-glue on the inside of the tips.  I'd advise anyone who buys one to do the same, if this review didn't turn you completely off.  I will write more once I am back in business.  I refuse to admit defeat even if shipping those bow tips costs me more than the crossbow did.   GGGRRRRR!!!!!

I'm curious about this subject, I have a much larger crossbow with a 150 lb draw. I even have one with a self-cocking mechanism and have yet to shoot but am about to take them out real soon- once the weather warms a bit.
What I like about having one is a situation where you don't want to alarm everyone in a 5 mile radius that you are armed and willing to defend the fort. With a crossbow it can shoot an arrow far enough and in silence to get someone approaching too close for your comfort.

Other than this weapon I have a compound bow made to fish with. I'd love to take that out as well but I feel that it does need new string put in the reel beforehand. It was purchased from a pawn shop in Florida and you can tell it was used a bit.

I do feel that once I take these out and get the hang of them that I will want to upgrade to an even better and more costly cousin, but those little cheap pistol ones aren't made for defense measures.

Yeah, they are better if you just want to have a little fun for less than $20.  I am still waiting on replacement parts for when mine broke. My initial thoughts were to use it for something like what surfivor suggested.  Alas it is far too cheap.  It was easy to assemble and very light, but it broke easy to.  my replacement parts are taking forever.  I couldn't invest more money unless i was getting another gun.   It would be nice to be able to hunt during bow season though.  hmmmm


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