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blackberry wine

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The last show mentioned blackberry wine. Details. Details.

Whats a good recipe?

Please, someone who has made it give some details!!
I have a recipe in a book I have, I'll post that tonight.

I've never made blackberry wine, but I've made other fruit wines.  The best site to use for absolutely any kind of homemade wine is Jack Keller's website.  He is the name in home winemaking.

Hey fritz... it seem you're link isn't working...

Hope this helps... Jack Keller's Winemaking Website.

Great website. Thanks!

I have been making beer for a long time and I am not to wild about wine. But I have come to like some good plum wine and the blackberry wine might have to make me take a turn in brewing up some wine. I think I will make a batch of wild plum wine and some blackberry wine also. I will use the beer stuff I got so I will make up two five gallon batchs. 10 gallons of wine should last me for some time. :D


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