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Criminal charges for having a party

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--- Quote from: surfivor on September 25, 2020, 04:36:59 PM ---snopes casts doubts on the actual details of what happened with typhoid mary and seems to indicate much of it was exaggerated

--- End quote ---

you obviously did not read snopes or what i wrote.

notice.... another characteristic snopes notes is that she was "she was ill-educated and headstrong", 

that sounds like a lot of what we are seeing in the usa today.

Snopes said: did she cause deaths of thousands ?  = False

Obviously don't question the government or doctors.

The media promoted a lot of fear during AIDS which ended up to be grossly exaggerated

Otherwise we can live in fear and treat fellow humans as diseased but Jesus and the saints somehow did not behave that way. Saint Francis did not shun a leper. Not saying I would always have that much faith but I can see the many fake manifestations of this virus. A leper is an actual sick person with clear symptoms.


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