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Texas Chickens and HOA

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--- Quote from: ga-qhd on August 12, 2020, 03:54:47 AM ---At my former house, there was no HOA in the subdivision but there was a CCR attached to the property; one provision was no livestock.  I was still planning on chickens and figured that if I gave them names they would be pets.  But I moved before I got the birds.

Reasoning with the HOA might work, but the fact that you were served notice immediately suggests a poor outcome.  Changing the bylaws may work but would require a lot of effort.  While all property owners are usually able to vote, in actual practice the ones who show up are the same kind who made sure you knew you were in violation.  Fighting them legally is a losing proposition.  They can increase your HOA dues to fund their lawyer to fight your lawyer (while also increasing everyone else's HOA dues, making the whole neighborhood hate you).

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Highly agree... that is probably the most likely outcome. Our former HOA board actually paid people to drive through the neighborhood looking for violations -- paying that person with our HOA dues... sheesh.


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