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African swine fever spreading, may kill 25% of world's pigs

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Mr. Bill:
AP, 10/31/19: Scientists Say Quarter of All Pigs Could Die of Swine Fever

--- Quote ---Around a quarter of the world’s pigs are expected to die from African swine fever as authorities grapple with a complex disease spreading rapidly in the globalization era, the World Organization for Animal Health’s president said Thursday.

A sharp reduction in the world’s pig population would lead to possible food shortages and high pork prices, and it might also cause shortfalls in the many products made from pigs, such as the blood-thinner heparin that’s used in people, said Dr. Mark Schipp, the organization’s president.

The disease’s spread in the past year to countries including China, which has half the world’s pigs, had inflamed a worldwide crisis, Schipp told reporters at a briefing in Sydney.

“I don’t think the species will be lost, but it’s the biggest threat to the commercial raising of pigs we’ve ever seen,” he said. “And it’s the biggest threat to any commercial livestock of our generation.”...
--- End quote ---

25% would be considerable.

Wonder what the total population is

I wonder how it spreads and is it containable.  If we get it in the will the wild population just keep it going.

Interesting subject. Wikipedia claims there are about 1 billion individuals alive at any one time, the domestic pig being one of the most populous large mammals on earth. Lots of stuff about African swine fever on the internet.

Mr. Bill:
Unexpected side-effect of the swine fever epidemic: aircraft have their navigational systems jammed.

No, really.

South China Morning Post, 12/20/19: China flight systems jammed by pig farm’s African swine fever defences

--- Quote ---A Chinese pig farm’s attempt to ward off drones – said to be spreading African swine fever – jammed the navigation systems of a number of planes flying overhead. ...

The device came to light after a series of flights to and from Harbin airport complained about losing GPS signals...

Chinese state media reported last week that gangs were exploiting the African swine fever crisis by deliberately spreading the disease by using drones to drop infected items on to pig farms. The farmers are then forced to sell meat cheaply to the gangs, who then sell it on as healthy stock...
--- End quote ---


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